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15 Jan International Currency

The Renminbi The gradual emergence of the renminbi (The official currency of the People’s Republic of China) has been one of the more significant developments to occur in the wake of the world recession. It is now accountable for 2.2% of all foreign exchange transactions....

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17 Jul Funding for Lending Scheme

On 13th July 2012, the Bank of England and HM Treasury launched the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) to boost the incentive for banks and building societies to lend to UK households and non-financial companies, thus to spur economic growth.   Why is FLS being launched? With the...

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09 May HM Treasury Credit Easing

In November 2011, a £21 billion package of credit easing measures to help SMEs to promote growth announced by the Chancellor at the Autumn Statement. This package consists of two channels: the Business Finance Partnership (BFP) and the National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS). BFP The government would...

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