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25 Jun The UK & the Euro

According to the latest Business confidence monitor (ICAEW), confidence has improved significantly in the last 3 months, suggesting a return to growth.  Exports are 4.1% higher than this time last year however companies expect capital investment to grow by only 1.4%, so it’s a mixed...

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09 May HM Treasury Credit Easing

In November 2011, a £21 billion package of credit easing measures to help SMEs to promote growth announced by the Chancellor at the Autumn Statement. This package consists of two channels: the Business Finance Partnership (BFP) and the National Loan Guarantee Scheme (NLGS). BFP The government would...

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For another year the Chancellor has been tasked with delivering the government’s plans to restore the country to financial good health whilst juggling the need to continue with austerity cuts, maintain the tax take and keep the voters happy. Naturally my interest is drawn to...

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